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For Kids & Young Adults

It’s Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, and America is celebrating!

We remember Abraham Lincoln because:

  • He overcame being poor and uneducated to become our country’s greatest President.
  • As American’s 16th President, he fought to keep the nation from splitting apart. We are a strong country today, partly because of President Lincoln.
  • He believed that all people are equal – just like the Declaration of Independence says. He always thought slavery was wrong and worked to make slavery illegal in the United States.

During this Bicentennial period, read a good biography of President Lincoln suggested on the Reading Lists, and then test your knowledge of Abraham Lincoln with the Honest Abe Quiz.

Get involved in your town’s celebrations of the Bicentennial – or be the one to suggest to your town leaders that they plan a celebration. Check out some ideas for Community Projects – or come up with your own.

You can also get your school named as a Lincoln Bicentennial School!  Talk to your teacher about the School Recognition Program.



Abe Lincoln Coloring Book:

These illustrations are created by Jared Frederick, a student at Penn State University and a board member of the Blair County, PA Historical Society (www.blairhistory.org). This group is hosting a two year exhibition entitled "Lincoln for All Ages." Please visit Jared's website at www.historymatters.biz to see more artwork.