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Fun Stuff


Additional fun resources on Abraham Lincoln.

  • Abe Lincoln Coloring Book - available for download. 
  • Abraham Lincoln Writing Sets
    Parchment kit includes: Gettysburg Address, Second Inaugural Address, Emancipation Proclamation, and Lincoln’s Letter to Mrs. Bixby
    Historical Documents Company:1996, $4.95.
  • Association of Lincoln Presenters.
    Lists names, address, email and website for over 100 A. Lincoln presenters, plus additional historical figures
  • Burkhimer, Michael.  100 Essential Lincoln Books. Cumberland House: 2003, $16.95.
  • Butko, Brian.  Greetings From the Lincoln Highway: America’s First Coast-Coast Road. Stackpole Books: 2005, $39.95.
  • Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
    Listing of providers & programs for videoconferences via Vision Athena (AAVS), ISDN or IP connections
  • Davenport, Don.  In Lincoln’s Footsteps: a Historical Guide to the Lincoln Sites in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Trails Books, IL: 2002, $18.95.
  • "Faces of Lincoln" postcard booklet and color images
    Indiana Historical Society, $9.95.
  • Gary, Ralph.  Following in Lincoln’s Footsteps: A complete annotated reference to hundreds of historical sties visited by Abraham Lincoln (Illinois). Carroll & Graf Pub.: 2002, $16.00.
  • Herbert, Janis.  Abraham Lincoln for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities. Chicago Review Press: July 2007, $14.95.
  • Holzer, Harold.  Abraham Lincoln Portrayed in Collections of the Indiana Historical Society.Indiana Historical Society: 2006, $49.95.
  • Jackdaws catalog
    • War Between the States: Civil War (Grades 5-8), $44.00
    • “Erie Canal” (Grades 5-8), $23.00
    • “Civil War: A Cartoon History, 1860-1865;” six Part series $179.95
      Each set maybe purchased separately for $31.95
    • Theme poster sets: “Abraham Lincoln,” $12.00
    • Theme poster sets: “Civil War Album,” $35.00
  • Lange, David W. Complete Guide to Lincoln Cents. Zyrus Press: 2005, $37.95
  • Leidner, Gordon.  Abraham Lincoln: The Complete Book of Facts, Quizzes, and Trivia.  Burd Street Press: 2001, $11.95.
  • Lincoln Conspiracy-a Murder Mystery Game. Indiana Historical Society: 2005, $29.95.
    Critical thinking skills and creative role playing are necessary tools for students to solve the most important murder mystery of the 19th century. 10-32 players, ages 10-adult
  • Percoco, James.  Passion for the Past: Creative Teaching of U.S. History. Heineman: 1998, $19.00.
  • Real Stuff: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom.  Indiana Historical Society, $5.00.
  • Shaw, Albert. Abraham Lincoln: The Year of His Election (1929). Kessinger Publishing: 2003, $28.95.
  • Shaw, Albert. Abraham Lincoln: His Path to the Presidency (1929). Kessinger Publishing: 2003, $27.95.
  • TappedIn.org
    Online resource for research, study and forums/discussion groups for teachers around the world
  • Zall, P.M. Abe Lincoln’s Legacy of Laughter: Humorous Stories by and about Abraham Lincoln. University Tennessee Press: July 2007, $19.95.


Prepared for the University of Southern Indiana’s Fourth Annual Lincoln Teachers’ Institute (2007). Used with permission.