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Video Materials


Here are some educational and entertaining videos on Abraham Lincoln: 

  • “A. Lincoln and Me.” VHS, 2005, 14 minutes.
    Based on Louise Bawden & Ted Lewin’s book of same name. A young boy, who shares Lincoln’s birthday, goes to the library to research Lincoln’s life. Guide included. 
  • “Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided.” PBS American Experience, DVD, 2001, 360 minutes.
    A dual biography which explores the couple’s different childhoods, marriage, and years in the White House. 
  • “Abraham Lincoln.” Great Americans for Children series by Schlessinger, DVD, 2003, 23 minutes.
    IL: K-4
    Film examines life of Lincoln from Kentucky through death. Guide included. 
  • “Abraham Lincoln.” Films for the Humanities & Sciences, VHS, 1988, 11 minutes.
    The life and achievements of the sixteenth President. 
  • “Abraham Lincoln.” Rainbow Educational Media, VHS, 2004, 18 minutes.
    Examines Lincoln’s life, including childhood, young adult years and Presidency. 
  • “Abraham Lincoln.” Spoken Arts, VHS, 1987, 13 minutes.
    Reflects on Lincoln’s life from his birth in Kentucky to his death during the last days of the Civil War. 
  • “Abraham Lincoln.” VHS, 30 minutes, WESC.
    IL: 4-12
    Filmed on located in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland to depict the life history of our 16th President. 
  • “Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union.” A&E Biography, DVD, 1997,100 minutes.
    Program follows the life of Lincoln from his home in Illinois to his assassination. 
  • “Boyhood of Abraham Lincoln.” Coronet Films VHS, 1963, 11 minutes.
    IL: K-6
    Filmed at Pioneer Village at Rockport, Indiana looks at Lincoln’s childhood.
  • “Civil War, The.” PBS series from Ken Burns, 1990, 5 DVD set, PBS. 
  • “Interview with Abraham Lincoln.” DVD, 30 minutes, 2005.
    IL: 5-adults
    Robert Rotgers stars as Abraham Lincoln in this historical interpretation of an interview with the 16th President of the U.S. 
  • “Life of Lincoln Interactive.” Indiana Historical Society, DVD, 2004, 50 minutes.
    Abraham Lincoln’s life from his early days to his assassination. Activities include interpreting primary sources, analyzing Lincoln speeches, and other research projects. 3 disc set includes 50 minute video, interactive DVD and 79-page downloadable teacher’s guide. 
  • “Lincoln.” History Channel, DVD, 2006, 140 minutes.
    The History Channel takes in-depth look at the personal life of the Great Emancipator, using dramatic reenactments and interviews with leading Lincoln biographers. Told from the perspective of the President himself. 
  • “Lincoln: Man or Myth.” History Channel, VHS, 2005, 50 minutes.
    IL: 7-12
    The History Channel presents an in-depth look at the life and legacy of America’s Great Emancipator. 
  • “Lincoln’s Portrait.” VHS, 1989, 16 minutes.
    Aaron Copland’s sweeping composition is enhanced by paintings, drawings, and photographs of Lincoln’s life and times.  Teacher’s guide is available with information on Copland and his music. 
  • “Mr. Lincoln’s Springfield.” National Heritage series from Finley-Holiday Films, VHS, 1998, 30 minutes.
    Uses historic photographs and reminiscences to describe Abraham Lincoln’s life in Springfield, Illinois including his family. 
  • “Pioneer Pete’s History of the Northwest Territory.” Part 5, VHS 15 minutes WESC.
    Looks at the years that Abraham Lincoln grew up in Indiana by the puppets of the Hastey Pudding Company. 
  • “Well Done, Indiana.” Indiana Historical Society, DVD, 2006, 30 minutes.
    An engaging Civil War documentary featuring interviews, first-person accounts, and rare historical photographs and archival materials. 
  • “Young Abe Lincoln.” Indiana Historical Society, DVD, 2004, 27 minutes.
    A documentary about Abraham Lincoln’s Indiana years. Explores the influences southern Indiana made on Lincoln’s character.



Prepared for the University of Southern Indiana’s Fourth Annual Lincoln Teachers’ Institute (2007). Used with permission.