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Essential Lincoln Bookshelf(2)

The 155 Basic Books for an Abraham Lincoln Library

It is estimated that 10,000 books and pamphlets have been written about Abraham Lincoln.  Where does one begin assembling a basic Lincoln library given the myriad of choices?

To help, we offer this list of 155 titles pertaining to Lincoln's life and times. (For those who ask, the list includes 155 titles because that is what number the essential list came to.)

Not everyone will agree with these suggestions.  However, this list does represent the consensus of leading authorities in the field of Lincoln scholarship. But we accept responsibility for the final choice.

This list has not been prepared in catalogue form. Therefore, we simply list each title, indicating the major editions for both scholarship and collecting. We list the first trade edition only if there are no major additions in subsequent (if any) editions. If there is a reprint with added material, or a limited edition of note, we will list the first edition after (a) and other significant editions after (b), (c), etc.

To read or print the list please click here. This list is provided by Daniel Weinberg, owner of the acclaimed Abraham Lincoln Bookshop in Chicago, Illinois.