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Steven Lee Carson

ALBC Co-Chair Sen. Richard J. Durbin
Congressman Baron Hill
Dr. Wayne C. Temple
Jean Powers Soman
Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
Steven Lee Carson


Former President, Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia

From the plains of the American Midwest to the frozen steppes of Russia to the rice paddies of Vietnam, Abraham Lincoln is known, revered and quoted. This is all the more remarkable considering his harsh impoverished childhood and lack of formal education. To me Lincoln is a model not only for saving the nation but for his character, endurance, charity, humor and his command of the English language which he mobilized and sent into battle to inspire, unite, and give new meaning to the nation. His single-mindedness of purpose, despite overwhelming odds, while remaining flexible in achieving that goal, and his humor and charity in handling even those who looked down upon him, should be an example to leaders throughout the world and for all time.


**On March 27, 2009, Mr. Steve Carson passed away. A remarkable friend of the ALBC and an integral part of the greater Lincoln community, Mr. Carson helped lead and preserve the Lincoln Group of DC, was a long-time member of the Abraham Lincoln Institute Board of Directors and a member The Lincoln Forum's Board of Advisors.  Read his obituary in the Washington Post.