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A Gloom is Cast O'er All the Land



To the Memory of our Lamented President

Words and music by Henry Schroeder
New York: Horace Waters, c1865.

A Gloom Is Cast o'er All the Land!
A gloom is cast o'er all the land,
Our President is dead!
He fell by vile assassins hand,
His precious blood they shed!
They've slain the man who was their friend,
Most cowardly and base;
We all lament the sad event,
That brought to close his days.


Oh nation rouse! Oh nation rouse!
And let this crime, And let this crime,
A warning be for future time!
A warning be for future time!
Oh nation rouse! Oh nation rouse!
Avenge the blow! Avenge the blow!
To traitors now no mercy show.
To traitors now no mercy show.

His mind was kind and generous,
No hatred in his breast,
With love for North and South alike,
He labor'd for the best;
His mission, by that fatal deed,
Was ended much to[o] soon;
When most his counsel was of need,
On came the dreadful doom.

The morn of peace was dawning on,
Most joyful was the news;
Victorious had our armies gone,
Through strongholds of our foes.
But oh! how quick the scene was chang'd,
From daylight into night;
For festive play our flags arrang'd,
Now mourn, where all was bright.

But he is dead! his spirit's gone;
Left but his lifeless form;
The country lost her noble son,
Amid a dang'rous storm.
Forever will his mem'ry live,
In ev'ry patriot's breast;
Remember! 'twas foul treason's hand,
That robb'd our land from rest.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana 

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
To read or print the sheet music click here.