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Abraham the Great and General Grant His Mate



Composed and sung by T. Brigham Bishop and troupe.
Cincinnati: John Church, Jr., c1864.

Abraham the Great and Genl. Grant His Mate.
Oh the Politician crew,
They don't know what to do:
Since freedom in the South is plainly dawning,
They fear that this short night,
Of a little blood and fight,
Will bring us all out right in the morning.

Then let us work away,
And care not what they say, for freedom in the South is plainly dawning:
With Abraham the Great, and Gen'ral Grant his mate,
They'll bring us all out right in the morning.

I think Uncle Abes the man who an other term can stand,
The Rebs and Copper-heads with their scorning,
And in eighteen sixty five we'll elect him if alive,
For he'll bring us all out right in the morning.

The Rebs call Uncle Abe an abolition Babe,
But I think they had better heed his warning,
For he has got more land than any other man,
And he'll have all their niggers in the morning.

What a pity people can't let alone our General Grant,
While he gathers all the Rebels 'neath his awning,
He'll give old Jeff the chance to have a "swinging dance,"
And we'll all "see him home" in the morning.

At head of title: Campaign song for 1864.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana 

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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