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Abraham's Covenant: A New Battle Song



Words & music by A. Bert. Tobey.

Abraham's Covenant.
"We're going to fight in earnest, boys," our foes henceforth shall feel
No tufts of grass nor compromise, but bomb, and lead, and steel!
We'll spare no murderous traitor on the sea, nor on the land,
Nor will we stay the army's march to hound a contraband.

Our brothers on the battlefield are beck'ning us for aid;
Their ranks are thinn'd of thousands who their gory graves have made!
Then rally to their rescue, and with soldiers' might and will
Revenge the blood of Fairfax grounds, and fatal Malvern hill.

Don't dream of intervention, boys, nor England's cotton cry,
That she will risk her all on bales, is only in your eye;
And as for France, let this suffice, your action don't defer;
When she has done with Mexicans we'll have a bone with her.

Then down your names, fill full the ranks, your country needs you now;
Go share a nation's honor, and there seal the patriot's vow;
Trust in God, and mind your powder, and be this your battle cry--
"Our country, we'll defend thee, or with thee, our country, die!"

Heaven save our bleeding Union from the ruthless, deadly foe,
Help us to strike down treason with a speedy, final blow;
God shield our loyal legions who may bear thrice honored scars,
And soon shall victory crown our arms, and peace our nation's stars.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana 

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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