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Abraham's Tea Party



Song & chorus
By J.H. McNaughton.

New York: Firth, son & co., c1864.

Abraham's Tea Party.
We're going down to Dixie, boys,
Upon a little ride,
Our knapsacks on behind us, boys,
And sabres by our side;
Our Abraham invited us,
Three hundred thousand strong,
To come to tea, and here we are,
We're coming right along!

Heave, ho, laddie!
We'll sing to Abe our song:
We're coming father Abraham,
We're coming right along.

And when we're down in Dixie, boys,
"Old Abe" with us will be
One little job he'd have us do
Before we take our tea:
There is a thief called "rebel Jeff"
Who steals from Uncle Sam,
We'll catch, and him we'll introduce
To father Abraham.

We'll make a present to the crews,
Of Beauregard and Lee,
Some pepper, grape, and canisters
Of strong gunpowder tea!
And when we've swept the rattlesnakes
Into the gulf and sea
We're coming, father Abraham,
We're coming home to tea!

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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