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Campaign Song for Abraham Lincoln



Chicago: H.M. Higgins, c1864.

Campaign Song for Abraham Lincoln.
The ball is now open'd, the conflict at hand,
We'll gird on our armor to save our fair land,
Press hard the proud foe and stand firm for the right,
And vict'ry will favor your band in the fight;
Their chieftain must die let us strike, he will fall,
He'll die from the blows of the rail splitters maul,
To arms, boys! to arms and to battle we'll rush!
Now charge thro' their ranks and the traitors we'll crush.

Come all ye true hearted, let this be your cry:
Our chieftain must conquer, the traitor shall die!
'Neath freedom's proud banner we'll march to the field,
Now press them with vigor, the traitors shall yield.

Our banner's unfurled, let us heed the loud call,
We'll march to the battle the foeman must fall,
We'll join in the struggle, with hearts firm and true,
We'll stand by our chief, and the red, white and blue;
Then hasten brave boys, from the east and the west,
We'll fight for our chief and the land we love best,
We'll take up the sword for our nations bright star,
Come fight 'neath our banner from near from far.

We've taken the field and their chief must be slain,
We'll rally our forces our rights to maintain,
Come up to the work then, the strife will be long,
Our cohorts shall crush the vile traitors tho' strong;
The clarion is sounding the shrill note of war,
Come on, noble heroes, we'll fight for our star
We never will falter, our watchword shall be
The Union, the hope of the brave and the free.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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