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Chris Vallillo - Abraham Lincoln in Song



Chris Vallillo - Abraham Lincoln in Song

Abraham Lincoln in Song is a live, one man show created by folksinger and folklorist, Chris Vallillo for the Illinois Humanities Council (currently the Illinois State Scholar for the Smithsonian Institution’s traveling exhibit on roots music, New Harmonies). It is an extensively researched, historically accurate program which uses period music Lincoln may well have known and sung, and Lincoln’s own stories to illustrate his life and put it into context.

The life of Abraham Lincoln spanned a period of change, growth and struggle in our young nation, and the music of his era movingly characterizes these remarkable times.  Abraham Lincoln in Song helps shed light on one of  history’s most beloved figures — not only as a remarkable leader, but as a man — who knew and loved many of these very songs himself. Special emphasis is placed on showing Lincoln’s unique bond with the common man and his desire for reconciliation, not revenge.

The show is designed to be an interactive, accessible, program that educates as well as entertains.  It covers Lincoln’s life from his birth on the big south fork of Nolan’s Creek in Kentucky in 1809 through his death in 1865.  It has been performed in association with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, The Lincoln Home National Historic site and various touring exhibits including Forever Free from the Huntington Library.  Abraham Lincoln in Song has recently been endorsed by the Illinois Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. The show works well for both school audiences (grade 3 and up) and adult audiences.

Abraham Lincoln in Song is an ALBC endorsed program.  Below are a few samples of Chris Vallillo's music.



Lincoln's Funeral Train 


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