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Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian



Words by L.M. Dawn, music by Geo. F. Root.
Chicago: Root & Cady, c1865.

Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian.
All our land is draped in mourning,
Hearts are bowed and strong men weep;
For our loved, our noble leader,
Sleeps his last, his dreamless sleep,
Gone forever, gone forever,
Fallen by a traitor's hand;
Tho' preserv'd his dearest treasure,
Our redeem'd, beloved land.

Farewell father, friend and guardian,
Thou hast joined the martyr band,
But thy glorious work remaineth,
Our redeemed beloved land.

Thro' our night of bloody struggle,
Ever dauntless, firm and true,
Bravely, gently forth he lead us,
Till the morn burst on our view--
Till he saw the day of triumph,
Saw the field our heroes won;
Then his honor'd life was ended,
Then his glorious work was done.

When from mountain, hill and valley,
To their homes our brave boys come,
When with welcome notes we greet them,
Song and cheer, and pealing drum;
When we miss our lov'd ones fallen,
When to weep we turn aside;
Then for him our tears shall mingle--
He has suffer'd--he has died.

Honor'd leader, long and fondly
Shall thy mem'ry cherished be;
Hearts shall bless thee for their freedom,
Hearts unborn shall sigh for thee;
He who gave thee might and wisdom,
Gave thy spirit sweet release;
Farewell, father, friend and guardian,
Rest forever, rest in peace.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana  

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress

At head of title: Sung at the funeral ceremonies of President Lincoln, buried at Springfield, Ill., May 4th, 1865.
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