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The Flower From Lincoln's Grave



Words by Burton Lawrence, music by James Holbertson.
San Francisco: Burton Lawrence, c1898.

The Flower from Lincoln's Grave.
We often speak of him though he did die long, long ago,
De nation wept when he wus laid away,
'Twus he dat broke de darkies chain ob slavery an' woe,
An' his memory am with us day by day.
Hanging on my wall with its kind and gentle face,
Is de picture ob de one who freed de slave.
An' in a box ob soil I brought from my ole massa's place,
Grows de flower dat I pluck'd from Lincoln's grave,

So there on de wall looks down de kind face
Of de one who did free de ole slave,
An' de dear little box I keep in its place,
With de flower from Lincoln's grave.

Dis darkey's growing old an' soon he knows he'll be at rest,
Away from all the trouble an' de strife.
His steps am getting feeble an' he hab but one request
To make when he am passing from dis life,
Bring Lincoln's picture closer to these dim ole eyes once more,
Let me gaze upon de face so true an' brave,
An' as I go to meet him there upon de heav'nly shore,
Place within my hand de flower from his grave.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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