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Freedom's Call



Set to music by Karl Cora.
Boston: Russell & Tolman, c1860.

Freedom's Call.
As his mountain men followed, undoubting and bold,
O'er hill and o'er desert, through tempest and cold;
So the people now burst from each fetter and thrall,
And answer with shouting the wild bugle call.

Who'll follow, who'll follow?
The bands gather fast;
They who ride with Lincoln
In triumph ride at last!
Then follow, then follow,
The bands gather fast;
All who ride with Lincoln
In triumph ride at last!

Oh! speed the bold riders! fling loose ev'ry rein,
The race run for freedom is not run in vain!
From mountain and prairie, from lake and from sea,
Ride gallant and hopeful, ride fearless and free!

The shades of the fathers for freedom who died,
As they rode in the war-storm, ride now at our side;
Their great souls shall strengthen our own for the day,
And the glance of our leader make certain the way.

We ride not for honors, ambition or place,
But the wrong to redress, and redeem the disgrace;
Not for North or for South, but the best good of all,
We follow Lincoln and his wild bugle call!

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana 

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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