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Let the President Sleep



Written by James M. Stewart, music by Geo. A. Brown.
Providence, R.I: J.R. Cory, c1865.

Let the President Sleep.
Let the President sleep! all his duty is done,
He has lived for our glory, the truimph is won;
At the close of the fight like a warrior brave,
He retires from the field to the rest of the grave.
Hush the roll of the drum, hush the cannon's loud roar,
He will guide us to peace through the battle no more;
But now freedom shall dawn from the place of his rest,
Where the star has gone down in the beautiful West.

Tread lightly, Breathe softly, And gratefully bring,
To the sod that enfolds him the first flow'r of spring.
They will tenderly treasure the tears that we weep,
O'er the grave of our Chief. Let the President sleep.

Let the President sleep! tears will hallow the ground,
Where we raise o'er his ashes the sheltering mound,
And his spirit will sometimes return from above,
There to mingle with ours in ineffable love.
Peace to thee, noble dead, thou hast battled for right,
And hast won high reward from the Father of Light;
Peace to thee martyr hero, and sweet be thy rest,
Where the sunlight fades out in the beautiful West.

Sheet Music from the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana 

Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
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