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Illinois Searches for 'Voice of Lincoln'




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Illinois ALBC Searches for “Voice of Lincoln:”
Contest Winner Will Record Public Service Announcements

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission has unveiled the unprecedented statewide search for the “Voice of Lincoln,” a contest that seeks to identify an individual who will record a series of radio public service announcements to promote Illinois’ observance of the Lincoln Bicentennial.

The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2008.

Contest rules are available on the Commission’s website, www.lincoln200.net.  Tape recordings made by the contestants, who will receive no compensation, will be reviewed by the Commission.  Then, in cooperation with the Illinois Broadcasters Association, the winner will record a series of vignettes about Abraham Lincoln’s life, which will be distributed to all Illinois radio stations for volunteer airing during 2008 and 2009.  

"The Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission's search for the Voice of Lincoln is a unique and exciting way to involve those in the Land of Lincoln with the celebration of the Bicentennial,” said Kay Smith, coordinator for the Lincoln Bicentennial in Illinois.  “It opens up discussion on how Mr. Lincoln spoke, how he would have turned a phrase and will make the voice come alive with his own words, actions and writings."

The “Voice of Lincoln” is the latest initiative to promote the Lincoln Bicentennial in Illinois.  The Lincoln Log, a day-by-day feature that explains what Abraham Lincoln wrote, said or did on that date in history, is a joint venture between the Commission and the Illinois Press Association that is being featured in more than 60 newspapers.

“We’re honored to have been asked to play a role in providing a forum for the ‘voice’ of Lincoln,” said Dennis Lyle, President & CEO of the Illinois Broadcasters Association.  “What better way to do so than via the theatre-of-the-mind medium of radio?”

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