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Virtual Hodgenville to Trump Mother Nature




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WASHINGTON – Icy roads forced the cancellation of the formal inaugural ceremony of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial on February 12th at the 16th president’s Kentucky birthplace, but technology will one-up Mother Nature.  A “virtual Hodgenville” to be launched next week will allow visitors to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission’s Web site to hear the music and read the speeches weather temporarily silenced.

“We all thought Mother Nature had ruined months of hard work,” said LaRue County Judge Tommy Turner, a member of the national ALBC and co-chair of the Kentucky ALBC.  “Certainly, everyone was terribly disappointed, but through the marvels of the Web, though, the show will go on!” 

“Virtual Hodgenville” will appear on the ALBC Web site on March 4.  Visitors will be able to read the remarks of the scheduled speakers and listen to the music that had been planned for the ceremony.  Photos, video and audio will be added as it becomes available.

First Lady Laura Bush had been scheduled to deliver the keynote address.  Other speakers included Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, Judge Turner, ALBC co-chair Harold Holzer, and U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis (R-KY).  Award winning actor Sam Waterston was set to narrate the Gettysburg Address.

Period and patriotic music by Saxton’s Cornet Band and the American Spiritual Ensemble was also planned.  Acclaimed soprano Angela Brown was scheduled to perform; selections from her collection Mosaic will be available on the “Virtual Hodgenville.”

“We are only at the beginning of our two-year celebration of the Bicentennial,” said Judge Turner.  “Just as our community and Kentucky were a critical part of Abraham Lincoln’s life, I expect them to remain important throughout the Bicentennial.”