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About the ALBC Endorsement Process


Thank you for your interest in becoming an endorsed project of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (ALBC).  Two thousand and nine promises to be a year of celebration, reflection, and newfound discovery of our 16th president.

The Process

To be eligible for an endorsement review, please complete the Application for Endorsement by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.  Email is the preferred method of receipt. Please name your file according to the project’s title or organization name and email all application materials to cbar@loc.gov. If you are unable to email it, you can fax your materials to (202) 707-6995. Due to delays in the Capitol Hill mail system, do not mail your materials without contacting us by telephone at (202) 707-6998

Your application will first be reviewed by ALBC staff for completeness and appropriateness. Then if appropriate, it will be referred to one of the ALBC’s program committees.  If the application is recommended by the committee, it will be considered by the Commission.  Depending on when the application is received, the review process can take several months.

Approved projects will be asked to submit an evaluation of the project after its completion. This information will be shared in final ALBC reports to Congress.

If you have questions, please call the ALBC Program Office at (202) 707-6998.

Endorsement Criteria

To be considered by the ALBC for endorsement, the applicant must demonstrate to the Commission’s satisfaction that the proposed project meets at least one of the bicentennial goals outlined on the application.

Benefits of Endorsement

ALBC endorsed projects receive:

  • Listing on the ALBC website www.abrahamlincoln200.org 
  • Permission to use the ALBC logo on any promotional materials
  • Standard letter of endorsement from the ALBC 
Ineligibility Guidelines

Please note that the ALBC will not consider endorsing the following:

  • Individuals
  • For-profit ventures (The ALBC may consider entering into a licensing, program partnership or sponsorship agreement. Contact the ALBC office for further information.)
  • Political or religious organizations
Funding Limitations

The ALBC does not provide funding for endorsed projects. ALBC program staff may be available to offer suggestions for possible funding opportunities offered through other agencies, foundations, or organizations with an interest in Lincoln.  Please contact the ALBC office for more information.

For an application, please click here.