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Virtual Hodgenville


Virtual Hodgenville

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Inaugural Ceremony
Hodgenville, Kentucky
February 12, 2008

Abraham Lincoln’s rise from a Kentucky log cabin to the White House is American legend. February 12, 1809, the day of his birth, was recalled as bitterly cold and punctuated by sleet and freezing rain.  Lincoln's 199th birthday, likewise, saw an ice storm that forced the cancellation of the inaugural ceremony of the nation's two year celebration of Lincoln's bicentennial.

In tribute to his life and ideals, and as a modest substitute to the ceremony that was planned for February 12, 2008, the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission welcomes you to "Virtual Hodgenville.  Follow the links below for a recap of the inaugural celebration.

Illustration by Frederic Mizen. Collection of Lincoln Financial Foundation.